Joy Aimee’s 6 top tips for starting a successful small business

Joy Aimee first approached STEPS Employment Solutions in 2018 after “a traumatic experience” left her unable to find work by herself. After only a short time with STEPS, Joy is now the successful small business owner of Joy Aimee’s Soul Shop.

If you’re interested in starting your own small business, Joy’s top tips will help you make the most of the support available with STEPS Employment Solutions.


Follow your passion

“Make sure that you are pursuing a field that you are really passionate about. You need to be a self-starter and remain disciplined and organised; this will be so much easier when you’re doing something that makes you happy.”


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

“Don’t battle alone, there is no shame in seeking support. It is not always easy to find but it does exist, and it is worthwhile.”


Find your community

“Join a community or networking group of like-minded individuals that will keep you stimulated and motivated. They will have unique insight to the kind of support you may need.”


Take the time to consider your own needs

“When you are constantly giving to others, it is easy to become depleted yourself. I have learnt that lesson the hard way and now I am much better at keeping my own cup full in order to be of service to others.”


Work with all available channels

“Aim to establish a strong online presence. Whether this is YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or any other available social media, it helps to keep up your presence in your clients’ lives.”


Remain loyal

“I am really appreciative of the loyalty of my clients and the amount of referral business that I am given. Fostering strong and positive relationships with those already established in your business is equally important as hunting for new business.”


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