About us

STEPS Employment Solutions is part of STEPS Group Australia, a national not for profit passionate about making a difference in the world by providing individuals and communities with the opportunity to do great things. We are determined  to make a positive impact in the lives of the people we work with and building better futures for all.

Our long term goal is to change perceptions about employing people with an injury, illness or disability and in doing so, open up opportunities for employers and those seeking work that otherwise may have been lost. Our hope is that one day all employers will focus on the person and their abilities, not their injury, illness or disability.

How we work

At STEPS Employment Solutions we work with local employers and people looking for work across Australia to match the right skills to the right job, every time.

We specialise in supporting recruitment for people with injury, illness and disability, who have a broad range of experience, skills and qualifications to suit the needs of almost every industry, including:

  • administration & legal support
  • hospitality from the kitchen to restaurant floor
  • IT and technical staff
  • warehouse and labouring work
  • all trades including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and others
  • much more!

Why to choose us

No costs

We provide recruitment solutions for employers with quality candidates at no cost to you or to them.  

Business savvy

We thrive on understanding the unique needs of the employers we support, we’re strongly connected with industry and will work hard to understand yours and your objectives.

Government incentives

To support businesses employing staff with certain injury, illness or disabilities, the  Government provides a  range of financial support and incentives, such as wage subsidies, workplace modifications, assistive technology, mental health first aid training and disability and deafness awareness training. Learn more at the Australian Government’s Department of Employment site.

Ongoing support

We provide ongoing support for you and your new employees for 12 months or more.

Our people

There’s no other way to put this, our staff are awesome!  They’re highly trained, experienced and passionate about supporting the business objectives of employers and people looking for work with injury, illness or disability.

Our team go to great lengths to understand the business objectives of the employers we work with and what matters most to them when it comes to recruiting new staff. They also provide a tremendous amount of support to those seeking work to find work suitable to their skills, experience and background and to provide pathways to training as appropriate.

We have been fortunate to work with many businesses like Queensland Power Protection  which have felt deeply satisfied with hard working, loyal employees who have remained employed long term based on their exemplary performance and dedication to the job.

  • "It’s been great working with STEPS Employment Solutions. They’ve been very supportive and we’ve certainly had lots of conversations! The candidates I’ve met through STEPS to date have been of very good quality and it has shown me that they have understood our business well. That’s not an easy task for us, so it shows that STEPS have a good appreciation of who we are and what we do. We’re getting the right sort of fit from the get go."

    Eric O'Brien
    Eric O'Brien Queensland Power Protection
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