1. Dress the right way for the role

Many businesses are more informal these days, but check with your STEPS Employment Solutions contact or the employer directly about how you should dress. If unsure, always dress more formally or neatly. It is better to be overdressed than too casual.   

2. Do your research well

Look at the company and find out as much as you can about it and if possible the team you would belong to if you got the job. Read the company’s website including its About Us section, the vision and mission and really get to understand what matters. Your efforts will show as you will be seen as proactive and able to demonstrate your knowledge of the company by matching your answers to interview questions by introducing content you recall or noted down from the research which matches the employer’s needs.

3. Arrive early

Plan to arrive at the job interview 10 to 15 minutes early. Look at parking and travel times in advance and add on about 15minutes. Be early. Be ridiculously early if necessary, but punctuality is important and it’s important not to be late.

4. Be ready & focus on employer goals

Be ready with answers about your accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses and how YOU can be the solution to their recruitment need. Remember employers want to achieve a particular goal. With your research, how can you support their mission? It’s all about them. The more effort you put into preparing for the job interview with a few notes written, the more you are likely to succeed, feel comfortable and to impress.  

5. Prepare for typical questions

Questions like ‘could you tell me about yourself?’ and ‘why would you be well suited for this position?’ are fairly common. Practice your answers with friend or family or your the STEPS Employment Solutions contact.

6. Let your enthusiasm show!

Those very first impressions when you walk into a room for an interview make a big impression. Make it count with a good handshake, eye contact and a smile. Practice at home first if this isn’t normal for you. Try it out on everyone around you.  

7. Stay involved and attentive

The best job interviews are those with active two-way conversations between interviewer and interviewee. At the start of the interview interject your own relevant insights from time to time, just be mindful not to interrupt people when they are speaking.

Stay alert during the job interview too while maintaining great eye contact. Sit forward in your chair to show you’re listening and be enthusiastic in your speech with high levels of interest in what others are saying.  

8. Ask probing questions

From your research earlier, have a few carefully pre-planned questions which can show your interest, aptitude and assertiveness. You may opt to only ask some of them depending on what is discussed at the start of the interview. It also allows you to properly understand the employer’s objectives and whether you feel comfortable to work there. It is your way of scoping out how they operate, what matters most for them, what the manager feels most passionate about and more.      

9. Confidence rules. Arrogance doesn’t.

Confidence shows and appeals to employers – use it to show how you have overcome obstacles. It is healthy and positive to feel good about yourself. Back yourself up!  

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, be careful not to cross this line by being too overbearing, presumptuous or aloof. Be humble.

10. Know your strengths

Be prepared to discuss your main attributes and values in detail and provide specific examples to problems or work tasks you have solved or contributed toward. Tailor these answers to the traits you know the employer is keen on having done your research!

11. Stay positive about former employers & colleagues

To speak badly of others makes a poor impression in a job interview setting and could cost you the role. Save any bad feelings on your past work experience for your friends and family. It can be seen as you not taking responsibility for your actions.

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