You have the talent, the knowledge, and the drive; the only thing you need to do is get that across in the interview questions.

First impressions count, so make yours land you that perfect role by delivering some of our suggested answers.

Q. Can you work under pressure or to meet deadlines?
A. Most jobs have deadlines at least occasionally. The best way to answer is question is to provide a specific example of a time where you exceeded a deadline or dealt with stress. 

Q. How do you resolve conflict within your working team?
A. You may have your own unique way of handling conflict, and you should express this to the interviewer. However, your answer should generally follow the idea of avoiding office politics and discussing issues you have privately with someone first. 

Q. What salary or wage are you expecting for this role?
A. Make sure you consider your answer before you enter any job interview. A lot of jobs these days suggest a salary range dependent on experience. If this is the case, look at the job requirements and measure yourself against them – do you meet and even exceed all of these requirements? Or are there a few requirements you’re still working on? Use this to measure where you will sit in that salary range – but always make sure to not undersell yourself! You wouldn’t be at this interview if the interviewer didn’t think you were a great fit for the role. 

Q. What are your weaknesses?
A. It’s best not to say ‘I have none’. Try to think of a genuine weakness you have, but also one that you are actively working on. For example, you could say “I struggle a little with public speaking but I have been actively trying to participate more in meetings and sharing my views. Over time and with the right people, I know I will become more comfortable.” There are no limitations on the weakness you choose but try to avoid referencing a weakness that would be a huge problem for the role you’re applying for. For example, you would say that your weakness was that you are “shy” if you were applying for a job as a salesperson.

Q. What are your strengths?
A. Here is your chance to shine – don’t undersell yourself by sharing a few vague descriptions. Share as many as you think you can and make sure to add in examples where possible. For example, you could say “One of my strengths is that I’m a team player, at my previous role I always made sure that my workmates could approach me for help at any time.”

Q. What do you know about our company?
A. Show that you have done your homework – have a minimum of 3 pieces of information about the company. i.e. “I read in your annual report…” or “I noticed in your brochures…”

Q. How does your disability affect you?
A. Be honest. State how you have managed with your disability in the past. Be positive – limit the use of words like limited, a little, somewhat, and instead use positive language and describe what ABILITY you do have.

Q. What interests you in this job/career/industry? Why do you want to work for us?
A. Talk about the reputation of the company, the opportunity to start/develop your career path, the experience you gain from the company.

Q. Why did you leave your last job?
A. Always answer honestly, but never criticise previous employers. eg. “I realised that the career opportunities I was looking for were not going to happen with that company” or “I needed more of a challenge”.

Q. Why should I hire you as opposed to the other candidates?
A. Focus on the requirements specified in the advertisement for the position. Also, emphasise willingness to learn, enthusiasm and commitment to meeting the requirements of the position.

Q. Give me an example of…
A. Have a few examples rehearsed that address customer service, dealing with people, team work, conflict resolution, your accomplishments.

Q. Where would you like to be in the next 12 months/5 years/10 years?
A. Ask if there is room for promotion within the company. Say that you would be happy to be with the same company so long as you were learning and developing and gaining experience along the way.

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