Why Coronis hired Lauryn

When you ask Lauryn Forrest about the best part of her week, she says “coming into work after being away for the weekend.”

This is the message that Lauryn hopes to get across to employers all across Australia.

Lauryn lives with a disability and wants employers to know that employees with disabilities can be strong and passionate assets to any business.

Lauryn is certainly supported by statistics, with the Australian Government finding that employees with disabilities take fewer days off, less sick leave, and stay in roles longer.

Steve Hirst at Coronis Sunshine Coast knows this better than most, having worked with STEPS Employment Solutions candidates for a number of years.

“Every time I have worked with a STEPS Employment Solutions candidate, it has always been a positive experience,” Mr. Hirst said.

“Our workplace culture has improved so much with their presence.”

Mr. Hirst has used this experience to hire a STEPS Employment Solutions candidate at Coronis, hiring Lauryn around five months ago.

Lauryn made a big impression as soon as she met Mr. Hirst and his team, with Mr. Hirst describing her “big smile and enthusiasm” as part of his decision to take her on board.

Since then, Lauryn’s success has been hard to miss.

“Lauryn is an awesome worker and a great part of our team, she is a go getter and is always happy to have a crack at all tasks,” Mr. Hirst said.

“She brings such a good energy to our workplace.”

Mr. Hirst and other colleagues have also noticed a substantial change in Lauryn since starting at the agency.

“She has grown so much in such a short amount of time, it has been really rewarding to watch,” Mr. Hirst detailed.

“She has come out of her shell and has become such a confident young lady.”

The chance has certainly meant a lot to Lauryn, who shared a message for Mr. Hirst.

“I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to have this job, so I really appreciate it so very much and thank you for supporting me,” Lauryn said.

“This role has changed my life.”

Despite the immense change in Lauryn, Mr. Hirst is insistent that his team gotten more out of the experience.

“Lauryn has really benefited from working with us but to be honest we have got more out of this positive experience,” Mr. Hirst said.

“I really encourage other employers to have a look at STEPS when you’re next hiring,” Mr. Hirst said.

“Your team will benefit, and you might just help make somebody’s life a little better.”

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