Lauryn finds independence in her new role

Lauryn Forrest has found herself the perfect role.

Lauryn is one of few lucky people who can say that the best part of her week is “going into work after being away for the weekend.”

While this is partially due to Lauryn’s incredible work ethic and enthusiasm, Lauryn credits her passion to her great new work environment.

Lauryn has been working as an Office Assistant with Coronis in the Sunshine Coast, securing the role through her Employment Solutions Partner at STEPS Employment Solutions.

The Coronis team is no stranger to the strength of STEPS Employment Solutions candidates, with the Hub Director, Steve Hirst, having worked with multiple candidates previously.

“Every time I have worked with a STEPS Employment Solutions candidate, it has always been a positive experience,” Mr. Hirst said.

“Our workplace culture has improved so much with their presence.”

Having worked with the agency for five months so far, Lauryn has already noticed extensive change in herself and her confidence levels.

“I’ve learnt that I can help others a lot and that I can be independent,” Lauryn said.

“This role has changed my life; I love being able to work like my siblings and have the chance to make friends and learn new things.”

Lauryn also excitedly shared that even when she faces a challenge at work, she still has a good time due to the supportive environment at Coronis.

“Sometimes I can’t do what is asked of me by myself, but I can always ask for help,” Lauryn said.

While Lauryn’s immense success has been easy to see, Lauryn keeps her hopes grounded.

“In the next year, I hope to do more things on my own at work as I learn more,” Lauryn said.

“I hope that I will still be working with Coronis, I really appreciate them.”

As for Lauryn’s advice for anyone currently working with STEPS Employment Solutions,

“STEPS Employment Solutions has staff who care about the people they are helping,” Lauryn said.

“Keep trying, keep your head up, because something will come up that is perfect for you.”

If you or someone you know is looking for help in finding your perfect job, STEPS Employment Solutions is here to help you. Contact us on 1300 078 377 or email us at


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