How to Find a Job on Gumtree

If you’re asking if Gumtree is good for jobs, then this article is for you. Gumtree is a website that allows you to post ads for many different purposes. As there is a lot of traffic on the gumtree website from both employers and employees, you can find a lot of opportunities from every field of work. On the site, you can find a range of jobs, from remote jobs to freelancing jobs, international jobs, and even long-term jobs. It is free to post a job on Gumtree, so it is a popular choice for small businesses.

Searching through these listings will give you a good understanding of what is available, which fields are hiring, and what jobs excite you. Check it out before you next meet up with your Employment Solutions Partner.

Step 1: Open the gumtree website: https://www.gumtree.com.au and create a free account. You can create your account directly by providing your email address and a password. Alternatively, you can sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

Step 2: Scroll to the job section of the website.

Step 3: Type your preferred job and location on the search bar. This will help streamline your search and bring out desirable options.

Step 4: Scroll through the job options and click on any that interests you.

In this section, you will see every job’s proposed salary as well as the date the job was posted on the Gumtree website. You will also see the name of the Gumtree use “Gummie” who posted the ad. You will be shown what type of work it is – casual, full-time, part-time, or an immediate start job.

Step 5: Apply for the job. The Gummie who posted the job might ask that you call them or email a copy of your resume. Whatever it may be, follow the instructions given.

Finding a job on Gumtree is very easy process that gives you access to a great range of new and interesting roles. Strict adherence to these outlined steps will make your job application a successful one.  Remember to stay security conscious, report any user that threatens you or asks for payment before employing you.

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