More success for STEPS Employment Solutions candidate

For the STEPS Employment Solutions staff, there is nothing better than seeing one of their customers find a job that is not only suited to them, but one that they also love.

STEPS Employment Solutions Partner Lisa Williams was overjoyed when one of her clients, Dante, made a swift and successful placement at a local company.

“Seeing Dante’s face with that big smile when he was told that he had the job… his whole body changed, and he was so happy and grateful. You can see that he now has so much confidence,” Lisa said.

Dante secured a role at a local company called MacLeod Scotland, a business which distributes customised headwear to companies across Australia. Lisa took the time to ensure that Dante was matched according to his strengths and abilities; with his immaculate presentation, strong concentration and solid organisation skills helping him excel in the stock coordination area.

From the very first moment that Dante was offered the role, Lisa noted the huge difference that the opportunity made.

“When Dante hopped back in the car after securing the role, he asked if he could call his mum. I could see his reflection in the window and he just had that look on his face of ‘wow’, that look of achievement. He was sitting up so tall. He couldn’t wait to tell his Dad,” Lisa said.

“When you’re providing these opportunities, you’re creating a future for someone; a positive future.”

The benefit of the employment is certainly mutual, with Dante being fondly referred to as “the wizard” at work due to his love of Harry Potter as well as his excellence in his role.

“Dante’s ability, performance, and attitude has been exceptional,” Mr MacLeod, Dante’s employer said. Mr. MacLeod chose STEPS Employment Solutions after his friend had successfully used the service for his own business and had “nothing but praise about the STEPS program”.

This excellence has quickly led to a discussion of promoting Dante as soon as the New Year, where his skills in online marketing will get their chance to flourish.

“The employers have told me that once Dante gets a handle of the stock, he’s now going to progress up to the office because he’s so good. So, it’s a promotion because he’s really fabulous at marketing online. They have been able to pull all this information from him that others wouldn’t ordinarily get to see, because he is more comfortable with them the more they have those conversations,” Lisa said.

“No-one wants to see someone so low and so sad, thinking that nobody wants to employ them because of their disability. It’s about giving them back their self-worth,” Lisa added.

Mr MacLeod further added that STEPS Employment Solutions would be his first choice for finding his next employee and that Lisa’s hands-on approach to finding the best candidate was “invaluable”.

“With STEPS, you’re actually a person, not a number, and you’re valued for who you are regardless,” Lisa concluded.

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