Core values reflected at Debt Rescue Processing

The business values at Debt Rescue Processing are to genuinely care about and assist those who are doing it tough financially and struggling to break the cycle.

When they were looking for a new administration officer CEO Shane Edwards therefore felt it was natural to extend these values to their employment practices and appoint someone with a disability, illness or injury who may not be finding it as easy to find work.

“We welcomed the opportunity to provide a job to someone with a disability,” he said.

22 year old Nikea Grant of Nooasville was the STEPS Employment Solutions candidate to gain the role proving that a brain tumour aged three was no barrier to her worth and suitability for the role.

The tumour left Ms Grant with weakness over the entire right side of her body, but she said having this disability from an early age, she has not known what life without it would be like.

“When it comes to lifting things and using my right hand I do need to adjust and adapt,” she said.

“It’s good working here – the people are really nice and I enjoy all of it, particularly working on a computer,” she said.

“STEPS were a great help and put me through a course in basic administration covering things like Excel, which has helped a lot in this role,” she added.

Mr Edwards said Nikea was the perfect fit and has settled right in as a part of Debt Rescue,” said.

“She’s outgoing, friendly and has become a valued member of our team.

“She is consistently rising to the challenges associated with her role and is happy to take on additional responsibilities, like working extra hours to assist our client engagement team.”

When it comes to what employers need to know about hiring someone with a disability, Mr Edwards said ‘many people take their employment for granted’ but in his experience someone with a disability works very hard and values their job immensely.

“Nikea’s attitude towards her job is fantastic. She is always happy, willing to help and enjoys contributing to our business.”

While it was not the motivator behind Debt Rescue Processing employing someone with a disability, Mr Edwards said the Government incentives funding program helped cover the cost of getting someone into and trained for a role.

“STEPS have been great,” he said.

“They paired us with an employee who can fulfil all the requirements of the role and made the whole process really easy.”

Shane Edwards, CEO Debt Rescue

Shane Edwards, CEO Debt Rescue


Nikea Grant, Administration Officer Debt Rescue

Nikea Grant, Administration Officer Debt Rescue


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