A job with growth

Two candidates from STEPS Employment Solutions have recently found a job where they can really grow.

STEPS Candidates Joel and Maren were only with their STEPS Employment Solutions provider, Sue, for a short time before being employed by a local flower farm, Top of the Range Flowers.

Top of the Range Flowers is a certified organic cut flower farm that grows Australian and South African wildflowers in Curramore, Queensland.

The owners of the farm, Lodi and Yucca Pameijer, were initially swayed to meet the candidates due to their positive experience with Sue and STEPS Employment Solutions.

“Sue listened carefully to us when we let her know what the job entailed, so we knew she would be able to present candidates that were very well suited to the job.

“We were excited to give her candidates a go.”

The Pameijers were further convinced upon meeting Joel and Maren, crediting their willingness to listen and enthusiasm for the job as prime reasons for their hiring.

“Both Joel and Maren were enthusiastic about the opportunity to apply for a job on our farm,” the Pameijers said.

“We have found that both Joel and Maren add their personalities to the workplace, and the farm is richer for it.”

The Pameijers also noted the continual enthusiasm that Maren and Joel have shown throughout their employment.

“We have been so pleased to see Maren and Joel’s continued enthusiasm for the job, and how keen they are to undertake further learning to increase their skills,” the Pameijers said.

Joel and Maren were also quick to comment on the immense changes they have seen in themselves since gaining the roles, especially when it comes to confidence.

“I’ve learned that I can do so much more than I thought I could,” Maren said.

“This role has changed my life in many ways.”

Joel reiterated Maren’s thoughts, adding that his confidence has “strongly improved” since being hired by the Pameijers.

Joel also added that the whole experience with Sue helped him realise his dream job.

“My dream job would be to run my own farm,” Joel said.

“I think working outside is more fun and you meet some really friendly people.”

Offering advice to other jobseekers, Maren added that “it gets better and less difficult as you go” and encouraged other jobseekers to remember that there are many great employers out there.

Unsurprisingly, the huge success of the experience has heavily resonated with the Pameijers, who have already recommended STEPS Employment Solutions to another employer.

“Give STEPS clients a go. STEPS has provided ongoing support since we hired Maz and Joel, coming out every month to ensure we have everything we need and that there are no unresolved issues,” the Pameijers said.

“STEPS makes the process of finding an employee much smoother, presenting candidates which are pre-vetted and so much more likely to be a good fit to the business.”

If you or someone you know is looking for help finding your perfect job, STEPS Employment Solutions is here to help you. Contact us on 1300 078 377 or email us at enquiries@stepsgroup.com.au

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